Man VS. Kitten

Kitten loves to fight with Mark! Like, all the time!!!! Please note, no Kittens were harmed in the making of this video (man yes, Kitten no, lol)

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Dusty Throws A Fit

Dusty can be a big baby sometimes. Mark is taking Daisy his sister for a ride because Dusty had his turn yesterday. Well, just see what Dusty thinks of that.

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Kitten, King of the Ranch (at least in his mind).

Kitten was one of several feral kittens on Mark's ranch. He and Dusty hit it off right away and are real buddies. In Mark's new place, the horses can come up the windows of his four season porch where Kitten can often be found chatting through the window with Dusty. Of course, Kitten and Mark [...]

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Dusty At the Doctor’s Office

Dusty likes going to see the doctor.

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Dusty Causing Trouble

Dusty's bored and we all know what happens when big kids get bored.

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Meet the Newest of Literary Heroes: Dusty

Get to know Dusty a little better.

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