Mark Peterson

Dusty’s Partner, Chief Cook, and Hay Getter
Wildlife expert and photographer Mark Peterson and his Rocky Mountain Horse Dusty, have tracked wildlife for network TV all across the country. Mark and Dusty have encountered all known species of indigenous wildlife. Because of their extensive travel into wilderness areas, Mark and Dusty have had unbelievable adventures!

As they travel, Mark and Dusty stop at local Ronald McDonald houses to visit the children. There, Dusty signs autographs, handing out presents and kisses to the children he meets. Mark has long held a dream of being able to travel cross country extensively to share his unique horse with the children who need him most. This dream is now about to become a reality.

You Should Write a Book!

For years Dusty fans expressed the sentiment that Dusty’s adventures should become a book. And so they shall!  Dusty’s first children’s novel entitled Dusty’s Adventures; The Beginning is now available to purchase, with a second book already well underway.