Daisy and the Tractor

The tractor is actually running, I think Daisy is hypnotized

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Snack Time!

Sunday morning they think they get extra snacks. Dusty and Daisy at the Magic Window! https://www.facebook.com/markanddusty/videos/582272425619181/

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Snow Day!

Something about a snowy, sunshiny day brings out the playful! Dusty and Daisy are really ready to get out and hit the trail. https://www.facebook.com/markanddusty/videos/418875808867571/

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May I borrow a cup of honey?

You just never know who might be found strolling down the roads of rural Minnesota.  We LOVE our wildlife!

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Beneath a Painted Sky

Dusty and Daisy grazing during a particularly beautiful sunrise.

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What’s up, Dusty?

"I'm just the kind of guy who likes to smile," Dusty.

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Kitten’s Castle

Kitten has acquired a new castle!  All cats love to get outside, and Kitten is no different.  However, as the area where Kitten lives is populated by wolf, coyote, bear and the like, for his safety it was decided to create for him a "kitty enclosure".  The photos depict the enclosure in its earliest stages, [...]

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Uncomplicated Daisy

And then there are those uncomplicated souls who are perfectly happy to drop for a nap where ever they may be...  

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Clean Up

Dusty helping clean the barn.  Dusty likes to "help" all around the ranch... he's great at fetching, getting drinks from the cooler or nodding his approval as he watches you perform your hard work!  In this photo, Dusty was actually on-set during the filming of a SoftStall commercial.

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A Kitten named Kitten

Kitten as a youngling From humble beginnings as a feral kitten born in the hay stack of Dusty's barn, comes an amazing tale of courage, friendship, and a thrilling adventure!

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