Man VS. Kitten

Kitten loves to fight with Mark! Like, all the time!!!! Please note, no Kittens were harmed in the making of this video (man yes, Kitten no, lol)

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A hole in the wall

Kitten loves to set up secret kingdoms... and invites no one.

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Kitten’s Castle

Kitten has acquired a new castle!  All cats love to get outside, and Kitten is no different.  However, as the area where Kitten lives is populated by wolf, coyote, bear and the like, for his safety it was decided to create for him a "kitty enclosure".  The photos depict the enclosure in its earliest stages, [...]

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Mr. Naughty

Something about a cat, that without any effort whatsoever, mischievousness abounds.  In a stare, a wink and a glance, a head jerk and a glare... Kitten is naughty, and Kitten is there!

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Is it Spring yet!?

Kitten seems to be staring out the window watching the snow melt... like some of the rest of us!

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Look Deep Into My Eyes

We hand out sunglasses when visitors come to tame the glare of Kitten's stare... lol © Dusty's Adventures

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Kitten, King of the Ranch (at least in his mind).

Kitten was one of several feral kittens on Mark's ranch. He and Dusty hit it off right away and are real buddies. In Mark's new place, the horses can come up the windows of his four season porch where Kitten can often be found chatting through the window with Dusty. Of course, Kitten and Mark [...]

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Cat Nap

Cats spend 50% of their lives sleeping.  Well, Kitten does!

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A Kitten named Kitten

Kitten as a youngling From humble beginnings as a feral kitten born in the hay stack of Dusty's barn, comes an amazing tale of courage, friendship, and a thrilling adventure!

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