Dusty at the Book Fair

Dusty has way too much fun going into stores! We are in Cambridge Minnesota today at the city market. Scout & Morgan Books.

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Interesting Find

Abe Del Rio, Dusty, Daisy and I are about 8 miles back in the wild right now and we just ran into a very cool boundary Marker for a coyote. https://www.facebook.com/markanddusty/videos/2331338127110199/

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The Ham

And this will be about what you’ll see next weekend at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin. Dusty mugging for cameras while Daisy is eating.

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Snack Time!

Sunday morning they think they get extra snacks. Dusty and Daisy at the Magic Window! https://www.facebook.com/markanddusty/videos/582272425619181/

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Snow Day!

Something about a snowy, sunshiny day brings out the playful! Dusty and Daisy are really ready to get out and hit the trail. https://www.facebook.com/markanddusty/videos/418875808867571/

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Meet Dusty at the Horse Crazy Holiday Market!

Come and meet Dusty and his sister Daisy at the Horse Crazy Holiday Market this year!  The event is an inspired marketplace full of hand-picked free-spirited equine-themed gifts & goods for horse lovers and those who love horse lovers!  Over 100 vendors!  If you are an old friend of Dusty's, or would like to become [...]

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Dusty at the Bookstore

What great fun we all had visiting the Scout & Morgan Bookstore in Cambridge, MN!  Dusty signed autographs, shared kisses and enjoyed meeting new friends throughout the day.  We appreciate everyone who came out to see us!

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Dusty’s Smile

Dusty shares a smile with a new friend during a book signing event.  Dusty's booth was the only one at the event where you could get an autograph from the starring horse :)

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Beneath a Painted Sky

Dusty and Daisy grazing during a particularly beautiful sunrise.

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What’s up, Dusty?

"I'm just the kind of guy who likes to smile," Dusty.

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