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Behind the Story

Dusty’s Adventures are accumulative stories based on real events and live characters (with a little magic thrown in!).  Mark Peterson, who has owned Dusty since he was a two year old, has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. on Dusty’s back tracking wildlife, leading expeditions as well as escorting television crews and researchers into the wilderness.  Mark has accounted these tales to author T.J. Akers, who has transformed the stories into a wonderful and exciting book poised to become a best selling children’s series.  We welcome you to join us on yet another fabulous adventure!

For bios on Mark and T.J. please visit the Adventure Tour page.

A Horse at a Bookstore?

Absolutely!  Dusty has visited bookstores, bath stores, hardware stores, kissing booths and years ago he even tended bar!  He doesn’t even have a problem walking down store aisles browsing for books and products that appeal to him and placing them carefully into a cart or checkout counter!  Unlike any typical book signing or Meet & Greet, Dusty brings something extra special in a 1,200 lb. sweet, gentle package.  Dusty gives kisses and is gentle with even the smallest of children.  He hands out gifts, smiles and can even sign his own autograph!

Dusty’s Adventures: The Beginning

Dusty’s first book is a charming and exciting adventure suitable for middle school aged youth through young adult, though many adults will love this book as well.  The sequence of events is kicked off by an innocent yet very entitled fluff of a kitten named… Kitten!  A friendship between the golden Rocky Mountain Horse and the tiny, black kitten is immediately formed.  The adventure begins when it is discovered that kitten is being  pursued by all sorts of creatures; mystical, magical, mean.  But the scales aren’t completely tipped, as Kitten has his loyal friend, Dusty, and powerful others who take great interest in keeping the mischievous kitten safe from harm.  It’s not simply a tale of who will win the epic battle, but of all things learned, loved and lost along the journey.


Printable Poster

Download and print the Dusty’s Adventures poster with the handy area where you can write in the date Dusty will be appearing at your store!  Right click the image and select “save image” and then store the poster to your hard drive.  The poster can be easily printed on your own printer, or at any photo/print lab of your choice.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11 @ 300 dpi